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Welcome to The Schwarzbein Principle

I am glad you're here. For the past year, I have been busy creating a number of new Internet-based educational programs and services I want you to know about.

In parallel with my initiative to educate women about menopause (see below),
I have begun new efforts to educate everyone about their metabolic health - all the things I wrote about in my Schwarzbein Principle books.

  • I have a great deal of new information for you
  • I'll be providing new options for diagnostic testing and self-assessment
  • I'll be offering some interactive features that let me answer your questions

You will find my new website particularly valuable if you are interested in information and services in support of maintaining your metabolic health and slowing down aging, or if you are already dealing with problems like:

  • • Weight gain
  • • Adrenal fatigue
  • • Insulin resistance
  • • Type 2 diabetes
  • • Metabolic Syndrome
  • • Digestive issues
  • • Menopause
  • • Osteoporosis

These changes are months away, but they are coming. So that I can keep you updated by email, please, even if you have already joined our emailing list before, enter your name and primary email address in the box below.

Menopause Power

Great news! Menopause Power has really taken off! Menopause Power is my initiative to educate women and physicians about menopause Ė to cause them to view it and treat it differently. Women are now spending 30 - 40% of their lives in menopause and itís become glaringly obvious that, without proper treatment, menopause undermines a womanís health, accelerates aging and promotes degenerative disease. Through Menopause Power I am now sharing my time-tested method for effectively and safely treating menopause with bioidentical hormones. To learn more about the new education resources I have for women in menopause and their physicians, click here.

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